DUI/DWI cases are complex. Modern police departments employ sophisticated methods for spotting, stopping and detecting suspected impaired drivers. A DUI/ DWI arrest has far-reaching consequences including:

                 Potential Driver License Restrictions
                 Fines and Fee
                 Possible Mandatory Jail
                 Supervised Probation
                 Impacts on Professional License
                 Loss of Employment


There are two stages to a DUI/DWI arrest: (1) Action by the Utah Department of Motor Vehicles and possible driver’s license revocation; and (2) The filing of criminal charges in court. Each stage requires specialized knowledge and legal skill as oftentimes saving one’s driving privileges is as equally important as a successful result in the criminal case.

You must act quickly after arrest to protect your driving privileges; otherwise your license will be revoked. You must also usually appear before the judge shortly after arrest.

You should consult with an experienced lawyer like Mr. Mauro who has successfully handled hundreds of these cases and knows how to challenge the police and prosecutors at the driver license division and in the courts.